We want to help healthcare professionals to collaborate in the diagnosis of patients through technology

Communication platform for healthcare professionals and institutions

Join, share, diagnose

Let´s improve the quality of health care, using technology to streamline communication between all actors

Cases Diagnosis

Collaborate in the diagnosis of clinical cases. Store and organize files in your private library easily and safely. Share, it's simple.

Always Communicated

Connect with your colleagues. Discuss with them in real time quickly and personally.

Personal Prestige

Show yourself, work on your personal branding. It allows the professional community to see everything you can offer.

Realtime Collaborative Diagnosis

We have named the process of creating, sharing and diagnosing cases.

With Diagnostrum you can create a case quickly and easily.

You can add other professionals to collaborate in the case.

Participants can add new symptoms, procedures, treatments and diagnostics that will be displayed to all collaborators of the case in real time.

Explore Diagnostrum

Find out what it can do for you.

Project your professional image abroad. Increase your visibility, it is the key to success.

Customize your personal profile and show all your professionals, scientists and academics successes.

For you, healthcare professional, it´s free.

Highlight in a professional field

Facilitate other professionals to find you.

Increase your network.

Store and Organize your files and Clinical Cases.
Always localized, always accessible

Are you looking for a case you received sometime ago, but can not find it?

Store and categorizes in your private library all your cases and those which sound interesting, safely and easily.

Do you have an interesting or valuable learning case and you want to share it?

Share cases with your contacts easily and immediately. Discuss and think about procedures, treatments or diagnoses in a professional environment.

The images and videos are very important in your cases

Edit, save and incorporate into your clinical cases the media files you want, quickly and easily.

Communicate, collaborate, participate, cooperate, lead. A team is stronger than an individual.

Do you remember that guard when a doubt came out?

Create a group with your team and make sure to communicate, collaborate and help from anywhere and at any time, with minimal effort.

Your schedule and your work pace makes it hard to find time to talk and discuss with other professionals. Now you can optimize your time and not miss anything.

How have they solved the problem in other center?

Create groups with professionals from other places

Simple. Fast. Personal.
Real Time Messaging

Connect with your colleagues

Send and receive messages securily in Diagnostrum's chats

In Realtime

The information is transfer to anywhere in realtime

Ask your questions

In Diagnostrum there is a professional community willing to help.
Consult a doubt. Get a second opinion.

Publish your answers

Share your experience, it will be important to the rest.
Offer your help. Solve your problems.